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How many guests can the Westlock Memorial Hall accommodate?

In the large memorial room, we can accomadate 360 guests for theatre seating or 280 quests for banquet seating. In the smaller Elks room, we can accomodate 160 guests.

If I rent the Memorial Room, will I have access to the Elks room? Or Vice Versa?

No, if you rent one room you don’t get access to the other room. It is possible to rent both rooms, however. Sometimes there will be a renter in the other room across from the one you're renting. Please be conscientious of the other renters.

What licenses or permits does the hall provide?

At this time, we don't provide any for our renters. Renters are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, licenses, and insurance for their functions.

Can we have or sell liquor in the hall?

Yes, though renters are responsible for obtaining and presenting a copy of their liquor license and host liquor liability policy from a licensed insurance agent. Please hang your license and your “Host liability policy” on the board provided. Remember to have fun and drink responsibly.

What do I do if items are lost or stolen during my event?

The Westlock memorial hall is not responsible for lost or stolen items. However, if you do misplace an item, feel free to contact us in the case that someone has found it.

What is the deposit?

Booking deposit on the hall rental is half (50%) of the hall's rental cost, and the damage deposit is $150. Those two deposits are due a month before your event. The remaining cost of the rental is due on the day of the event. However if you'd like to pay the full cost before the event, you are free to do so. Your $150 damage deposit will be returned to you five days as long as the hall is left in a clean condition. If it is left in a dirty condition, you will be charged $100 per hour for the time it takes to return the hall to a clean condition. If hall equipment is damaged or missing, the cost of its replacement will be deducted from the damage deposit. It the damage deposit is not enough to cover the entire cost, then you’ll be charged for the remaining cost.

Can I or my caterer/entertainer/decorator come in the night before to set up?

Yes, if there isn't anyone renting the hall at that time. There are additional charges for setting up the day or night prior to your event. After 6 pm the day prior is $150 while the entire day prior is $300.

What clean up is required after an event?

After a function, please clean up after yourself. Remove all table coverings, decorations, food, and personal items. Wipe down all surfaces; coolers, counters, sinks, tables, chairs. Stacking up the chairs against the wall no higher than seven chairs high. We do have a chair mover, so please don’t drag or push the chairs. Then take down the tables and set them by the stage. Sweep and mop the kitchen floors. Please don’t add wax to the dance floor, if it needs attention let us know. Garbage is to bagged up and put out in the dumpster at the back of the hall. Clean up all the supplies and put them away where you found them. Please, don’t remove any of the hall’s supplies or items from the hall itself.

If it is left in a dirty condition, you will be charged $100 per hour for the time it takes to return the hall to a clean condition.

How do I cancel the event?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and things just don’t line up. That’s not a worry at all. Merely give us a call to let us know that you need to cancel. If you arrange to rent the hall and then later cancel prior to 90 days of the event, your deposit will be returned to you. After 90 days, you will not receive your deposit.

What does the hall provide?

We supply room-coffee urns, pitchers, cutlery, bowls, plates and cups, cutting boards, serving bowls and salt and pepper shakers. Wine glasses are available for an additional cost. The hall does not supply tablecloths, napkins, punch bowls, matches, coffee, cream, sugar, candle holders, disposable cutlery or dishes, paring knives, decorations or cleaning supplies.

Clean up all the supplies and put them away where you found them. Please, don’t remove any of the hall’s supplies from the hall itself.

What decorations are allowed?

Absolutely no tacks or tape on the walls. You are free to use fun tack or T bars. Please don’t add wax to the dance floor, if it needs attention let us know. Please refrain from sparkles and confetti. As far as decorative flames, only floating candles or tea lights are allowed.

Beyond that, decorate to your heart's desire. And if you’re really excited about it, upload it to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram. We’d love to share your photos with the rest of the community!

Is the Westlock Memorial Hall accessible for those with limited mobility?

Yes, the entire hall, save for the stage, is upon one floor completely accessible for those with limited mobility or mobility concerns. In terms here are Handicap bathrooms near the Elks room. If you have any concerns about accessibility, don’t hesitate to bring it up with our board members, through Jim, our hall manager at 780-305-8888.

What catering services do you offer?

The Westlock Memorial Hall doesn't provide catering services. Both of our rooms have an attached kitchen which are perfect for caterers for any kind of event. There are several amazing caterers within in Westlock. We would be honoured to provide some suggestions.

What transportation and access is available?

There is both a parking lot as well as a substantial amount of free street parking to accomodate all of your guests. Local taxi services are also available if the need arises.

Can you promote my event?

The Westlock Memorial Hall has a Website, Facebook page, and an Instagram account. Provide us with either your event link, event details or a poster and we can post it to our social media to promote both your event and our venue. Contact our Public Relations Coordinator, Dylanna Fisher at for promotional requests or questions.

How much does it cost to rent the hall?

Rental rates for the memorial room are as follows *Room Rental (One Day) $450 *After 6 pm the day prior $150 *The Entire Day prior $300 *The next day until noon $150 *The next day continuing past noon $300 Rental rates for the Elks room are as follow *Room Rental (One Day) $100 *Elks Room Including Kitchen (One Day) $160 *After 6pm the day prior $50 *The Entire Day Prior $75 *The next day until noon $50 *The next day continuing past noon $75

Is parking available?

Certainly! The Westlock Memorial Hall has a parking lot available for all kinds of vehicles as well as handicap parking. For any overflow there is easiley accesible and free street parking.

Who runs the hall?

The Westlock Memorial Hall is owned by a nonprofit group called Friends of the Westlock Memorial Hall Society and is run by a board of volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about Friends of the Westlock Memorial Hall or are interested in volunteering, don't hesitate to email

Does the hall have volunteer oppurtinites?

Yes! As the Westlock Memorial Hall is run by a board of volunteers, we love it when members of the community reach out to us about volunteer oppurtinities. For the hall itself, we are always looking for volunteers for fundraising events, community engagement, board positions, and so much more. Beyond the hall itself, several of our renters including The Westlock Country Jamboree, The Westlock Elks Lodge #330, and the Westlock Food Bank are always needing volunteers for all kinds of positions. Email us to learn more about volunteer oppurtinies!